Get Rewarded with My Open Road!

Get Rewarded for Gettin’ Around!

  • Social Responsibility Score (SRS)

    Being energy efficient and helping make the world a better place for all of us and future generations. MOR Rewards you the more points you earn!

  • Get Rewarded and Save Money!

    By keeping you Social Responsibility Score high, you can go to one of our many national retailers and redeem exclusive My Open Road Discounts!

  • Being Active Pays in MANY ways!

    By simply walking to the store, or biking to a friends house, you can increase your Social Responsibility Score, help reduce your carbon footprint and stay in shape!

Download Now!

My Open Road is ready for use! Click the link to start using My Open Road and earn a high Social Responsibility Score (SRS) to unlock exclusive offers from our many participating retailers.

How your SRS is earned:

Walk/Run Mode - 1000 srs
Skateboard/Bike Mode - 1000 srs
Cycle Mode - 1000 srs
Bus Mode - 800 srs
Carpool Mode - 700 srs
Driver Mode - 500 srs
The Social Responsibility Score is reflected by what activity you are doing. The more eco-friendly and interactive the mode of transportation you are using, the higher your SRS will become
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Global CO2 Reduction to Date: Lbs

And Counting! This is the collaborative effort of the MOR community.Great Job so far, lets keep up the good work !

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